Poo Emoji Cookie Cutter

Poo Emoji Cookie Cutter

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How could something that supposed to smell so bad, smell so good? If you're pondering the answer to that, it's to use our Poo Emoji Cookie Cutter to make some poo-shaped cookies! If you're down in the dumps, this is a surefire way to cheer you up! Or if you need to show the world that you and your signifcant other are just stinkin' cute together!

Approximate Cookie Size: 8CM x 8CM

Material: PLA

Cutter Depth: 1.2CM 

Care Instructions: All products from Sugar Sweet Stamps to be hand washed in warm soapy water. To clean thoroughly, use a soft brush. Do not place in dishwasher, or in any area above 50°C. Please store in a cool, dry location.

Disclaimer: All cookie cutters made in Australia. They are food-safe according to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and made with PLA, a biodegradable plastic from organic sources using a 3D Printer.

All Cutters are outline cutters only unless stated otherwise.

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