About Us

Hey there, cookie lover!


Any great cookie artist knows that what makes a cookie gorgeous, is its unique shape! If you have a cookie shaped to whatever you want it to be, the possibilities are endless!


Sugar Sweet Stamps was created out of love for baking and decorating scrumptious sugar cookies. We thought to go the distance - what if we could mould our cookie desires into reality? What if we created our own baking products? And so, after months of trial and error, we're ready to share with you: our very own in-house designed and printed Cookie Cutters!


Creating cookies is a science we have a passion for. All artists have a square canvas to work from, but cookie artists can have more than that with our varied selection of differently shaped Cookie Cutters.


With so many fun designs already created, and a love of challenges, Sugar Sweet Stamps is ready to bring your wildest cookie dreams to life! From Christmas to Valentine's themed Cookie Cutters, pop-culture references to old classics - we'll have cutters of all shapes and sizes!


We have the passion, the know-how, the enthusiasm and a ridiculous love of cookies (though can loving cookies ever be ridiculous?). All we need now is your order!


To order, hit the ‘Order Now’ button or scroll through our album to see the incredible designs we have already created.


We look forward to seeing all your amazing creations using our products! Go forth, cookie artists - the sky is the limit!


Kindest regards,
Stephanie Chan.