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Crab Cookie Cutter

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Feeling a little crabby today? Sorry to hear that - maybe being ironic and baking some crab-shaped cookies will help you feel better! Not to mention, that they'll look super cute, and will probably cheer you up in no time! Purchase our Crab Cookie Cutter now - it'll be a pinch!

Cookie Size: 8CM x 7CM

Material: PLA

Cutter Depth: 1.2CM 

Care Instructions: All products from Sugar Sweet Stamps to be hand washed in warm soapy water. To clean thoroughly, use a soft brush. Do not place in dishwasher, or in any area above 50°C. Please store in a cool, dry location.

Disclaimer: All cookie cutters made in Australia. They are food-safe according to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and made with PLA, a biodegradable plastic from organic sources using a 3D Printer.

All Cutters are outline cutters only unless stated otherwise.

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